Carolyn Permentier

Carolyn  Permentier


I'm a communications specialist, both internal and external.

I write across every sector to include B2C, B2B, B2G and non-profit.

I write for every marketing platform, including digital, mobile, video, broadcast and print. I'm famous for my subject lines and headlines. And I've written hundreds and hundreds of highly successful email campaigns.

I've had tremendous success, with direct response copywriting (digital + print), mostly for financial, real estate, mortgage and IT.

For your external communications, I can create your brand... or rebrand or reposition your brand. Or just ensure your existing brand voice is consistent across all marketing platforms and that your messages connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Need internal communications? Managing change in today's fluid environment can be daunting. And just ensuring your employees feel valued can be challenging as well. I can help with that.

I would be delighted to work a little magic, with your organization's communications and help you achieve your internal and/or marketing goals.